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    Employer Branding

    Trying to connect with Developers in person to fill up your Talent Pipeline? Devworld brings together developers from various backgrounds giving you the opportunity to connect with Medior and Senior Developers specialised in Java, JavaScript, Rust, PHP, Kotlin and more!

  • Picture of Product Awareness

    Product Awareness

    Having a hard time to get the attention of your niche target market? Do not miss your chance to get the opinion of attendees that could be using your product on a daily basis. You will be able to generate immediate leads and pipelines via Gaming Challenges and Lead Scanning possibilities in our Expo.

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    Diversity & Inclusion

    Giving back to the Tech Community? Help us continue to offer Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships, free education to local universities and good causes and contribute yearly to numerous Open Source contributors.

  • Picture of Women in Tech

    Women in Tech

    We strive to be the Most inclusive Tech Conference on the Planet and to set new standards within the Industry for everyone participating.

Amsterdam Rai buildingDevelopers with laptopsJSWorld Intro Screen with Luke Thomas

23,000 SQM

Exhibitor Space

RAI Amsterdam - Netherland's Largest Convention Center will be the epicenter of tech for 2 Full Days on 29 Feb & 1 March 2024.

With 23,000 SQM Exhibitor Space this is your chance to advocate your brand or employer brand, alongside 100 exhibitors. Reach out directly in person to developers engineering with JavaScript, Kotlin, Java, PHP, .NET, Security, DevOps & Cloud and more.

Your Expo Sponsorship gives you exclusive access to Networking Activities and VIP Access to get in immediate contact with C-Level decision makers from world leading Tech Companies.

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    Features: React, Angular, Design Systems, Migrations, NPM Package setup, Micro Frontends, NodeJS, State management, GraphQL, TRPC, Vue, Solid, Astro and much more.

  • Picture of Backend


    Microservices, Java/Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Scalability, Refactoring, APIs, DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Relational, NoSQL, Graph and New age databases.

  • Picture of Mobile


    iOs, Android, Cross Platform Development, Native API's, IoT integrations, AR & VR, AI, Kotlin, Swift, Mobile Analytics and API integrations and SQLite.

  • DevOps & Cloud

    Containers, K8s orchestration, Serverless, Microservices, Monitoring, Security Practices, CI/CD, Multi-Cloud & Hybrid, SRE and Infrastructure as Code.

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    Exhibitor Hall

    Attract Decision Makers and Engineers to your exhibitor booth, Scan Leads and position yourself among other Sector Leaders in eCommerce, Developer Software, Fintech, AI, Web3 and more.

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    Lead Scanning

    Always be able to immediately retrieve the Sales and Marketing Leads from your Conference contacts. Use them for Direct Marketing or add them to your Sales Funnel.

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    Reach CEOs, CTOs, CXOs, CPOs and Managers? Your Exhibitor Package also give you access to all VIP related Networking Activities and VIP Village for Tremendous Networking opportunities.

  • Exhibitor Gamification

    World of Tech

    The world of Tech will gather in Amsterdam for the Largest Developer Event in Europe.

The epicenter of tech

  • AI humanoid impression

    Artifical Intelligence

    The trend of 2024. How will AI shape your industry? DEVWorld covers a wide range of AI related topics like ChatGPT, Neuralink, Github Copilot and many more

  • VR Glasses impression

    Virtual Reality

    Standalone headsets, Hand-tracking controllers, Social VR Platforms, Haptic feedback suits, VR Training applications

  • AI impression of hybrid work

    Hybrid work & Collaboration

    Hybrid office spaces, Digital communication tools, Remote work policies, Flexible schedules

  • AI impression of AV's

    Autonomous vehicles

    Drone delivery logistics, Self-Driving cars, Autonomous driving software, Connected and shared mobility

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