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DEVWorld 2023
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DEVWorld is the Leading Festival for the Global Developer Community.

  • 28 & 29 September
  • RAI Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
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DEVWorld Conference

World's leading Developer Festival

Join over 10,500 developers, thought leaders and the most influential companies at DEVWorld. Stay ahead of the curve, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore extraordinary ideas in software development. Participate in World's Largest Hackathon, Network with Industry leaders, explore the 23.000m2 expo and experience some of the most innovative businesses in software.

  • Where

    Amsterdam Rai
    Europaplein 24, Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

  • When

    28-29 September 2023
    7:00 - 16:00

  • Vue community members

    10.000 developers

    DEVWorld features many developer tracks like: Frontend, Backend, DevOps, Mobile, Databases, Cloud, Cybersecurity and AI

  • Picture of 100+ Talks

    100+ Talks

    Thought leaders and experienced developers will be sharing their views on trending topics in a variety of developer disciplines.

An ideal mix between realistic and trending topics

DEVWorld aims to bridge the gap between trends, "fancy buzzwords" and every day topics that need to be covered

  • Frontend

    Features: Design Systems, Migrations, NPM Package setup, Micro Frontends, NodeJS, State management, GraphQL, TRPC, React, Vue, Solid, Astro and much more.

  • Backend

    Features: Microservices, Java/Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Scalability, Refactoring, APIs, DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Relational, NoSQL, Graph and New age databases

  • Mobile

    Features: Cross Platform Development, Native API's, IoT integrations, AR & VR, AI, Kotlin, Swift, Mobile Analytics and API integrations and SQLite

  • DevOps

    Features: Containers, K8s orchestration, Serverless, Microservices, Monitoring, Security Practices, CI/CD, Multi-Cloud & Hybrid, SRE and Infrastructure as Code

  • Web 3 & Blockchain

  • Thought Leaders

Experience the stuff we all love doingSome of the organizers are highly specialized Mario Kart Drivers. Can you beat them?
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    This is your chance to make an impact. Win valuable prizes like scholarships, game consoles and cash!

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    Numerous Bar Choices for an amazing evening full of Drinks, Bitterballen and making connections for a lifetime.

  • Cyber duck

    Duck World

    Imagine a real-life sandbox environment, but now its not code, its you! Duckworld is pure fun and networking!

  • Gaming

    Among "family games" there will be serious gaming competitions for Mario Kart and Fifa and Age of Empires!

23.000 SQM Expo in the Amsterdam RAI!Famous for its legendary events and bringing people together
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  • Great and free food
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  • Amsterdam RAI

    The huge 23.000 SQM expo filled with industry leaders, leading brands and innovative product demonstrations provides the ultimate environment for networking and fun activities.

From the Organisers of JSWorld Conference

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  • Logo of Microsoft
  • Logo of Uber
  • Logo of Bryntum
  • Logo of Twilio
  • Logo of HBO Max
  • Logo of Toptal
  • Logo of ABN AMRO
  • Logo of Jetbrains
  • Logo of Firebase
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    Artifical Intelligence

    Without a doubt 'the' trend in 2023. What will AI do to our profession? Will we be replaced? Are systems like ChatGPT and Google's bard mere buzzwords or should we adapt now?

  • Picture of Cybersecurity


    Fitting for today's situation. Increased tensions have led to an increased number of cyber attacks. Are we ready for this? What can we do to protect our critical systems?

  • Picture of IoT


    Ever played around with Philips Hue? What about smart doorbells? These days developers can automate anything without being a hardware expert!

  • Picture of Edge computing

    Edge computing

    Edge computing is a potentially powerful tool, but how can backenders and frontenders leverage this technology to drastically improve the performance of their application?

  • AR & VR

    Is Virtual Reality a thing or not? Did it die down just like the early chatbots? Experience AR, VR and some extraordinary topics at DEVWorld!

  • Sale 1 + 1 for free

    €499 €999

    • Only 100 available
    • General Admission for 2
    • Access to all tracks
    • Access to Event App
    • Access to all Recordings
    • Afterparty
  • Group Discount

    €299 €999

    • Same as General Admission Ticket
    • Valid on 10+ ticket purchase
  • VIP Ticket

    €999 €1499

    • Access to VIP Village
    • Access to Opening Gala
    • Access to Networking App
    • Access to Event App
    • Access to Afterparty
    • General Admission
  • Wednesday 19 April

    • Early badge pickup
    • Opening Parties:
    • Communities hosting meetups
    • Partners hosting networking mixers
  • Thursday 20 April

    • Morning Workouts
    • Conference Day 1
    • Community Night
    • City Night Tours
  • Friday 21 April

    • Morning Workouts
    • Conference Day 2
    • Hackathon Awards
    • Afterparty of the year