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  • 28 & 29 September
  • RAI Amsterdam
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For Developers

💡 HOTTEST IN TECH: How to 10x your Developer team Productivity with ChatGPT-4 and Github Copilot. ⌨️ Diving into Cyber Security, DevOps, JavaScript, PHP, Java, iOS, Android, Blockchain Development and more! ❣️ Major updates from Google, Next.js, Atlassian, Github, Discord, Miro and Visual Studio. 🎮 Gaming Area with DOTA 2, Counter Strike Mario Kart and have a chance on winning a PlayStation 5 🎊 UNLIMITED Networking and Team Bonding with Evening Programs, Rooftop Parties throughout Amsterdam, City Tours and more. 🪩 5 in 1 Afterparty - 1 Location: Silent Disco, Old Amsterdam Brown Café, Karaoke, Arcade Machines, Board Games, DJ and Piano Bar.

  • jsworld-stage

    Frontend World

    The impact of Performance and Experience on 2023 web users with major updates from key Frameworks and Toolings like: React, Next.js, Angular, Vue, Vite, Astro, Turbopack, Rome and Web Assembly.

  • Picture of Backend World

    Backend World

    Features: Microservices, Java/Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Scalability, Refactoring, APIs, DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Relational, NoSQL, Graph and New age databases.

  • Picture of Future of AI

    Future of AI

    10x your developer and team Productivity with ChatGPT (4) and Github Copilot. The shaping of engineering with AI by Leaders and AI Gardeners.

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    The future of Super Apps, Mobile Payments and wearables by iOS and Android Engineering Experts and Evangelists.

  • Picture of DevOps & Cloud

    DevOps & Cloud

    How to enable the improvements in time-to-market and customer experience with digital transformation-related initiatives like cloud migration, microservices, observability and CI/CD.

  • Picture of Leaders in Tech

    Leaders in Tech

    Leaders of Big Tech Companies & Technologies inspire you with their insights and experiences on Digital Innovation and Transformation within the engineering field and beyond.

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  • Photo of Linus Ekenstam

    Linus Ekenstam

    AI gardener and Entrepreneur

    Future of AI | Exploring the world of AI Technology and creator of, previous typeform. Writing about AutoGPT, MedGPT, Midjourney and more!

  • Photo of Stacy Cashmore

    Stacy Cashmore

    Tech Explorer DevOps @Omniplan

    Devops & Cloud | Building dynamic applications using C#, Azure Functions and Azure Static Web Apps

  • Photo of Kent C. Dodds
    • React logo

    Kent C. Dodds

    Software Engineer and Educator

    JavaScript | Kent C. Dodds is a JavaScript engineer, and teacher. He's currently working on and he's the father of four kids.

  • Photo of Jessy The

    Jessy The

    Starting with Web3

    Blockchain | How to start with Block Chain Development? A free intro workshop with Jessy on the beginnings of Blockchain Development.

  • Photo of Rodger Werkhoven

    Rodger Werkhoven

    Executive Creative Director @ iO

    Future of AI | Contribution of making OpenAI's generative AI safe for Beta and public launch. Rodger is an Amsterdam based creative director, now working for iO, with an innate curiosity regarding ALL things scientific, cultural, artsy and nerdy. Rodger is no now testing DALL-E Experimental for OpenAI. Soon to become DALL-E 3. Rodger advises advertising and design companies on the topic of AI and its impact on the creative industry.

  • Photo of Daniel Gebler

    Daniel Gebler

    Chief Technology Officer @Picnic

    Thought Leader | Building the world’s fastest growing online supermarket that makes grocery shopping simple, fun, and affordable for everyone.

  • Photo of Sven Peters

    Sven Peters

    DevOps Advocate @Atlassian

    DevOps & Cloud | Uncovering the cultural and technical attributes to help development teams work effectively and drive innovation. He has 20 years experience in writing code, leading teams, and sharing his experience with thousands of developers at uncountable conferences in 25+ countries.

  • Photo of Minko Gechev
    Google logo
    • Angular logo

    Minko Gechev

    Angular Core Team @ Google

    Frontend | Google created the JavaScript Leading Framework Angular. Minko and his team will be bringing us the latest updates and released within the world of Angular and what there is still to come.

  • Photo of Ian Sleebe

    Ian Sleebe

    Senior Solution Architect @Zoom

    Security | Ian Sleebe is a Senior Solutions Architect at Zoom where he has been working for almost four years, seeing the world change and more importantly seeing how people are changing how they work. From working at a major ITSP building out a UCaaS platform and internal processes, while staying compliant to new and existing legislation, to explaining security and privacy in the IT-space and helping people understand how technology can help them, Ian has a lot of experience helping companies all over the world. At Zoom as a Senior Solutions Architect Ian Sleebe explains how Zoom works from the inside out. From GDPR or other privacy-related questions to encryption architecture and IT governance, but also how you could embed Zoom into your application or platform.

  • Photo of Bas Broek

    Bas Broek

    Senior iOS Developer @WeTransfer

    Mobile | Bas is an iOS and macOS developer with a passion for testability, accessibility and user-centric apps. He cares about communication and collaboration. Likes coffee and watches (a lot).

  • Photo of Lauren Sharman

    Lauren Sharman

    Vice President @Two Sigma Ventures

    Future of AI | Lauren Sharman is Head of Marketing & Platform at Two Sigma Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in companies applying advancements in data science, AI, and computing to create the future. She oversees the firm's post-investment support, ecosystem partnerships, and marketing, and partners with the fund's 100+ startups on their growth ambitions. Lauren contributes expertise to a number of AI organisations including The University of Oxford AI Network and, and her thought leadership on emerging technologies has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, and more. Lauren holds an MA from The University of Oxford and a BA from New York University, where she graduated summa cum laude.

  • Picture of Cato Bui
    DEPT® Logo

    Cato Bui

    Global Chief of Staff @DEPT®

    Product | Prepare to Pioneer Cato Bui is a professional with extensive experience in strategy, innovation, and consulting. She is currently the Global Chief of Staff at DEPT®, a pioneering technology and marketing services company that creates end-to-end digital experiences for global brands such as Google, Audi, KFC, Patagonia, Twitch, eBay, and Philips. We help our clients to pioneer by investing in innovation, and by leveraging our proprietary tech, data, and knowledge platforms for all our clients worldwide. We are experts in Technology Strategy & Architecture, Mobile App & Web Development, CX/UX, Commerce Platform, Cloud Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. In 2022, the company launched WEB3/DEPT® - a global team of over 300 specialists including solidity engineers, ethicists, economists and game designers to build Web3 and the Metaverse.

  • Photo of Tom Geurts

    Tom Geurts

    Technical Director @GoSpooky

    Future of AI | Excels in immersive tech, augmented reality, and interactive storytelling for industry giants like Verizon, Dior, Nike, and Disney. With over 14 years of experience, Tom's expertise spans motion graphics, gaming, and creative coding. He strives to create memorable mobile AR experiences that captivate both brands and their audiences. Prepare to be enlightened as Tom shares valuable insights and lessons from his extensive background in social AR.

  • Photo of Abdessamad Dari

    Abdessamad Dari

    Managing Director @TechGrounds

    Soft Skills | Solving the mismatch in the IT industry. Abdessamad Dari, born in 1992, is the managing director at Techgrounds, an organization focused on making IT education accessible and promoting diversity in the IT industry. Techgrounds offers free IT courses, training participants for various IT roles. Dari is committed to uncovering hidden talent and fostering diversity within his own organization, believing it leads to innovation and success.

  • Photo of Germán Bencci

    Germán Bencci

    Chief Executive Officer @CodeYourFuture

    Soft Skills | What Engineers and Companies Can Do to Increase Social Impact. Germán is the founder of CodeYourFuture, a community-led organisation changing people’s lives by offering accessible training for people of refugee and low-income backgrounds, helping them start thriving software development careers. In the past, Germán worked in open innovation roles and has led artistic productions and fundraising campaigns. He holds degrees in Engineering and Literature.

  • Photo of Cyril Cermak

    Cyril Cermak

    iOS System Architect @Porsche

    Security | As a system architect, Cyril is leading teams to achieve the state of the art mobile engineering. Cyril is passionate about iOS security, modular architecture and reverse engineering of iOS apps about which he does talks and workshops about.

  • Photo of FrĂ©dĂ©rique Mittelstaedt

    Frédérique Mittelstaedt

    Engineering Manager @Reddit

    Backend | Real-time stream processing at Reddit. Frédérique Mittelstaedt currently leads the Data Processing & Workflow Foundations team at Reddit. His team builds and maintains Reddit’s centralized infrastructure, frameworks and tooling for asynchronous messaging (such as stream processing, batch processing, workflow systems) to empower engineering teams at Reddit to build scalable, decoupled systems and applications. (We're hiring!) Combining his experience as an engineering manager, software engineer and training as a scrum master and product owner and in personal, group and team coaching, Frédérique cares about and works towards creating environments that support great technical quality, effective systems and processes and authentic human relationships. Frédérique lives in London with his partner and his Siberian cat Apollo.

  • Photo of Will Scougal

    Will Scougal

    Global Director Creative Strategy @Snap Inc

    Thought Leader | Will helped build and lead creatively driven businesses. Will is a global marketer, strategist and creative with a proven track record building high performance teams that simplify and scale new ideas through innovative and effective marketing strategies and creative techniques. Will spent 7 years at Snapchat as Global Director of Creative Strategy. During that time he was responsible for building the augmented reality business in EMEA from the first sponsored AR experience to being one of the largest AR advertising businesses in the world today. Prior to Snapchat he was Head of Brand Strategy at Twitter where he built the team to be the most creatively awarded globally.

  • Photo of Albert-Jan Schot

    Albert-Jan Schot

    Chief Technology Officer @Blis Digital

    Thought Leader | Developers still rule the world! But with Low-code platforms emerging as a popular tool for accelerating development cycles it makes sense to have a look at what is possible nowadays. In this session, we explore how Fusion development - the combination of low-code and full code development - can help teams balance speed and flexibility to deliver high-quality applications at scale as well as enable the business to adapt to the ever changing requirements of customers.

  • Photo of Thijs de Maa

    Thijs de Maa

    Senior Software Engineer @bunq

    Frontend | How to leverage code generators and AI to optimize developer efficiency, and how writing clean, reusable, and extremely readable code almost negates the need for writing documentation. This reflects bunq’s transition into an established international scaleup, able to drive innovation in the financial sector faster and more efficiently than legacy banks.

  • Photo of Igor Sydorenko

    Igor Sydorenko

    Lead Commerce Technical Architect @Adobe

    Thought Leader | Sharing Adobe's expertise and knowledge and commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of e-commerce.

  • Photo of Lyudmyla Baron

    Lyudmyla Baron

    Technology Leader @PVH

    Thought Leader | Focus on Artificial Intelligence, AI Ethics, Gender Equality, Diversity and Equity. I provide strategic guidance and thought leadership to organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Photo of Shivany Powani

    Shivany Powani

    Senior Technical Program Manager @Hello Fresh

    Soft Skill | A background in Quality Assurance with 7 years of delivering business critical projects.

  • Photo of Angèle GĂ©raud

    Angèle Géraud

    Senior Backend Developer @Ticket Swap

    Backend |

  • Photo of Harish Kandala
    Meta logo

    Harish Kandala

    Enterprise Engineer @ Meta

    Backend | Comprehensive guide that simplifies the understanding of different concurrency models. It explores concepts such as threads, processes, coroutines, and event loops, providing insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and common use cases.

  • Photo of Harijs Deksnis

    Harijs Deksnis

    Director of Software Engineering @ Passionate People

    Soft Skills | How have humans historically organized their work, from the structures of military formations and guilds, to the seismic shifts during the industrial revolution, leading up to the present-day realities of a fast-paced, agile-driven, and increasingly remote work environment. As tech leaders our quest is to build high-performing tech teams. Let's try to delve into the wisdom, ideas, and strategies available for leaders who have the opportunity to reimagine their organisations from scratch or revamp existing structures. Let's look at the elements of team design that drive productivity and success in the tech industry today.

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    10.000 developers

    DEVWorld features many developer tracks like: Frontend, Backend, DevOps, Mobile, Databases, Cloud, Cybersecurity and AI

  • Picture of 100+ Talks

    100+ Talks

    Thought leaders and experienced developers will be sharing their views on trending topics in a variety of developer disciplines.

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    10 Parties - 1 Location. Make Connections for a lifetime at the most Amazing Conference Afterparty for Developers.

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    Duck World

    Imagine a real-life sandbox environment, but now its not code, its you! Duckworld is pure fun and networking. Come and meet the DEVWord Mascot - Duck!

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    Gaming Arena

    Participate in Gaming Tournaments in the Gaming Arena with League Of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Mario Kart. Buy your ticket and Win amazing Prizes!

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