Web 3 - DEVWorld 2025

Building Decentralized Applications Together

For Web3 Developers & Enthusiasts

  • 11 Sessions
  • 4 Masterclasses
  • 1,012 Web3 Enthusiasts
  • Build a Decentralized App with Web5.js

    A 90 minute workshop we'll build a decentralized web app with Web5.js. This library utilizes open standards such as Decentralized Identity and Decentralized Web Nodes to reimagine the account model of the web. Web5.js abstracts away the complexity of decentralization, and allows you to focus on your app development. Instead of dealing with usernames, passwords, and databases, you'll instead authenticate users with their own unique personal identifiers and read and write from their personal data stores. This enables your app to truly go serverless and allows your users to maintain ownership of their identity and data and utilize it across the web.

  • Introduction to Web3 Tools

    Become familiar with the Web3 Stack with tools like Truffle, Remix, Metamask, and Ganache.

  • Solidity Introduction Masterclass

    Learn how to write Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with Solidity

  • How does the Decentralized Infrastructure work?

    Get a good understanding of how decentralized infrastructure components such as Swarm, IPFS and Whisper are crucial to designing dApps.

  • Write & Deploy a Smart Contract

    Learn how to write a simple smart contract, deploy the smart contract to an Ethereum test network through tools like Hardhat and the MetaMask wallet and test interactions with the deployed smart contract to ensure that everything is working properly.

  • Developers with laptops


    Your ticket grants access to an exclusive 2-hour Web3 Masterclass, delving into decentralized technologies and blockchain principles. Explore topics like blockchain infrastructure, smart contract development, decentralized applications (dApps), and optimizing Web3 resources for efficiency and innovation.

  • Gaming Arena

    Team Bonding & Networking

    Make Professional Connections for Life whilst bonding with your whole engineering Team at our Daily Networking Areas, Mixers and Meetups throughout Amsterdam.

  • Picture of Best Tech Expo in the World

    Best Tech Expo in the World

    23,000 sqm of Exhibition with the Latest Gadgets in Tech. A disneyland for Developers with Dota & CS Tournaments, Coding Challenges, 3D Printing, Arcade, iOT, Formule 1 Racing and more!

Exhibitor Gamification Developers attending talkImpression of stage

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7,500 Developers In Person

Devworld Conference brings you the unique opportunity to reach out directly to 7,500 Developers In Person with an additional 2,500 online viewers. Grab your chance to immediately promote your Product or Hiring Needs among Backend, Frontend and DevOps & Cloud Developers flying in from 71 countries representing 3,500 companies.


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