Product Up - DEVWorld 2024

Product Up


  • 29 Feb & 1 March 2024
  • RAI Amsterdam
  • Nicole van Alphen

    Climbing the product management career ladder

    By Nicole van Alphen

    During my presentation I'll share the pivotal journey that took me from a Product Manager to a Director of Product. Through real-world examples and personal anecdotes, we'll explore the key tactics, skills, and lessons learned, both from my own path and from broader industry trends.

  • Aaron Braun

    The Perfect Product Process

    By Aaron Braun

    There is no perfect process but there are helpful tools. As a product manager, designer, or engineer you are often challenged to prove the value of an initiative before starting or showing value once it is done. All too often, you find yourself stuck with no data and no idea what to do. At times you might even feel like you completely missed something and feel embarrassed. Worry no more. We will explore multiple avenues that you can use to set you on the right path. When we are done you will have a cheat sheet that you can reference to get unstuck and impress those around you.

  • Claudia Baijens

    The Keys to Creating an Actionable Product Strategy

    By Claudia Baijens

    Discover the art of crafting a dynamic product strategy in this insightful talk. Delve into the complexities of creating a strategy that resonates with market needs, stands out against competitors, and drives innovation and revenue growth. Drawing on experiences from Bain & Company and TestGorilla, our speaker will guide you through the essential elements of a successful product strategy. Learn about making impactful decisions, aligning your team with your vision, and the crucial balance between vision and execution. This session is a must for those looking to elevate their product strategy and inspire their teams towards a coherent, actionable path.

  • Esther Kuijpers-Bastein

    Building a product in a tech scale up

    By Esther Kuijpers-Bastein

    How to build a product in a tech scale-up. And how this can affect your product strategy, what we have learned from it. How we stay on track despite making major changes, but always with the end goal in mind.

  • Sneha Divakar

    *WORKSHOP* - Creating user centric products

    By Sneha Divakar

    The workshop "Creating user centric products" will focus on educating the participants on keeping users at the heart of the product ideation. During the workshop, participants will learn a structured framework for product discovery and use design thinking concepts to work in small groups to develop a user centered product and present it to the group.

  • Tamal Dutta

    Jugaad, Dhanda, & Beyond: The Indian Guidebook to Innovation in Product Management

    By Tamal Dutta

    Enter the evolving realm of Product Management in India, a fast-growing field full of energy and fresh ideas. India's diverse population base brings unique challenges, shaping a distinctive direction towards product-building. Join us for a fun exploration of product principles in the Indian business context and desi cultural quirks that are making waves across the globe. In this session, we shall discover key lessons from the Indian tech industry and see how they apply to the evolving European market.

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