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From Code to Community: Women Redefining Tech Excellence

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Our 2024 Females

  • Photo of Stacy Cashmore

    Stacy Cashmore

    Tech Explorer DevOps @Omniplan

    Stacy has been developing solutions since the mid-1990s in various companies and industries ranging from facilitating contract jobbing to allowing consumers to close a mortgage without the help of a financial adviser – with lots in between.

  • Photo of Jessy The

    Jessy The

    Starting with Web3

    Frontend Developer with big interest in web3, blockchain (development) and the Metaverse

  • Photo of Lauren Sharman

    Lauren Sharman

    Vice President @Two Sigma Ventures

    Lauren Sharman is Head of Marketing & Platform at Two Sigma Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in companies applying advancements in data science, AI, and computing to create the future. She oversees the firm's post-investment support, ecosystem partnerships, and marketing, and partners with the fund's 100+ startups on their growth ambitions. Lauren contributes expertise to a number of AI organisations including The University of Oxford AI Network and WomenOfAI.org, and her thought leadership on emerging technologies has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, and more.

  • Picture of Cato Bui
    DEPT® Logo

    Cato Bui

    Global Chief of Staff @DEPT®

    Cato Bui is a professional with extensive experience in strategy, innovation, and consulting. She is currently the Global Chief of Staff at DEPT®, a pioneering technology and marketing services company that creates end-to-end digital experiences for global brands such as Google, Audi, KFC, Patagonia, Twitch, eBay, and Philips. We help our clients to pioneer by investing in innovation, and by leveraging our proprietary tech, data, and knowledge platforms for all our clients worldwide. We are experts in Technology Strategy & Architecture, Mobile App & Web Development, CX/UX, Commerce Platform, Cloud Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. In 2022, the company launched WEB3/DEPT® - a global team of over 300 specialists including solidity engineers, ethicists, economists and game designers to build Web3 and the Metaverse. Before joining DEPT®, Cato held various positions at Google, including Agency Strategist and Google for Startups Operations Lead. In these roles, she owned and grew a portfolio of full-funnel advertisers, combining her knowledge of sales and the digital economy with her entrepreneurial drive to enable brands to further expand their businesses. Cato also has experience in consulting at Deloitte and strategy and innovation at ABN AMRO Bank. In 2017, she co-founded a cleantech startup in the maritime industry.

  • Photo of Lyudmyla Baron

    Lyudmyla Baron

    Technology Leader @PVH

    Lyudmyla Baron is an accomplished technology leader with over two decades of experience in digital transformation and business leadership. In her role as the Head of Marketing Technology at PVH, the multi-billion corporation that powers brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, Lyudmyla is driven by her passion for innovation and growth through the use of cutting-edge technology and value-driven leadership. Her expertise in AI, membership in notable AI Ethics associations, as well as her dedication to promoting diversity and ethical practices within the industry, has led to her involvement as an AI Ethicist and Thought Leader in technology summits and think tanks for industry leaders and regulatory bodies. As a distinguished international speaker, Lyudmyla’s insights on the intersection of technology and society are both thought-provoking and impactful. As a corporate consultant Lyudmyla specializes in enhancing data-driven business strategy through cohesive integration of modern technology and human diversity at every level from datasets and algorithms to boardroom representation.

  • Photo of Shivany Powani

    Shivany Powani

    Senior Technical Program Manager @C&A

    Shivany is a seasoned Senior Technical Program Manager at C&A, situated in the vibrant city of Berlin. With a decade-long career, she has spent the past 7 years immersing herself in the fast-paced world of fintech and payments technology, a domain that continues to both captivate and challenge her on a daily basis. A true advocate for leadership, Shivany derives great satisfaction from cultivating meaningful connections and fostering vibrant communities. Alongside her professional endeavors, she has embraced a new role as a first-time mother to a spirited toddler, firmly upholding the belief that one can harmoniously integrate ambitious professional pursuits with the joys of motherhood.

  • Photo of Angèle Géraud

    Angèle Géraud

    Senior Backend Developer @Ticket Swap

    Angèle Géraud has a diverse background in software development. Angèle started their career as a Software Developer Intern at CGI in 2014, where they gained valuable experience for two months. In 2015, they joined Usabilla as a Backend Developer, where they contributed to the development of feedback software and focused on writing clean, resilient, and scalable code. Angèle worked there for three years before moving on to TicketSwap in 2018, where they currently hold the position of Senior Backend Developer.

  • Photo of Julia Flament-Wallin

    Julia Flament-Wallin

    Engineering Manager @TomTom

    Julia Flament - Wallin is a Value driven Engineering leader with a strong technical background working at TomTom. She gravitates towards AI, Data Engineering, cloud, NLP and graph stuff.

  • Photo of Samantha Greatorex

    Samantha Greatorex

    Technical Architect @Zoom

    Samantha will be hosting a workshop which enables developers to work together in teams and set up the Zoom Video SDK within a React Website.

  • Photo of Lee Boonstra
    Google logo

    Lee Boonstra

    Software Engineer & Advocate for the Office of the CTO @Google

    Conversational AI Expert at Google: The Office of the CTO (OCTO) is a diverse team of highly experienced engineers and technologists, working on behalf of the Cloud CEO, whose mission is to foster market-disrupting collaborative innovation between Google and the world’s most ambitious organizations. The customers we engage have hard technical problems and strong brand identities. In 2022, the OCTO team is starting an incubation/acceleration program (called the “Applied Innovation Factory”) to test the boundaries on ideas that could cause strategic shifts in industry and GCP’s business. We seek impact in everything from futuristic computing issues to AI and Voice technology.

  • Photo of Laura Begieneman

    Laura Begieneman

    Solution Engineers Manager Europe @Atlassian

    Laura Begieneman is an experienced Presales Manager currently serving as Solutions Engineering Manager at Atlassian. In her role, she leads a team of solutions architects. She collaborates with (prospective) customers through various interactions, including executive meetings, discovery conversations, solution demonstrations, executive presentations, and follow-up discussions. Laura's primary focus is gaining customer acceptance and solving their challenges. Additionally, Laura offers expertise in advising clients on their cybersecurity strategy, defining their data protection journey, and ensuring their safety in the digital era. She specializes in translating technical business requirements into privacy, security, and software solutions, particularly adhering to European data privacy legislation, such as GDPR. Laura's passion lies in collaborating with other IT security professionals and engaging in all aspects of her work. She finds inspiration and motivation in sharing ideas and working together toward innovative solutions. If you want to connect with Laura or discuss IT security matters, she welcomes you to contact or add her to your network.

  • Photo of Talita Gregory

    Talita Gregory

    Software Engineer II @Spotify

    Talita Gregory is a Software Engineer located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her current role at Spotify focuses on developing Backstage Plugins that address various aspects of Spotify performance, crashes, and many others aspects.              Alongside her professional endeavors, Talita is deeply committed to assisting others. She offers mentorship to aspiring developers as they navigate their journey into the industry, actively contributes to open-source projects, and provides technical support to non-profit organizations globally. Talita's passion lies in empowering individuals and making a positive impact within the software development community.

  • Photo of Rachel Nabors

    Rachel Nabors

    Software Developer

    Rachel Nabors has spear headed developer education at FAANG companies like Amazon and startups like Clerk and participated web standards and opensource with Mozilla, the W3C, Microsoft. They have built award winning dev portals for React and React Native with the core teams at Meta. They are currently roaming the world, working on opensource projects that teach the world to code from their homebase in London.

  • Photo of Krista Den Uijl

    Krista Den Uijl

    Chief Information Officer @Knab

    Krista is a highly skilled CTO at online bank Knab. With her passion for transformation and broad experience in the financial sector, she has delivered impressive achievements in digitalization in recent years. As an expert at the intersection of business and IT, Krista has utilized her skills and drive to help Knab evolve in a constantly changing digital landscape. Krista's talent for connecting and inspiring her team to collaborate has helped Knab achieve better results for their customers. With her team, she is developing the IT platform for the future, which is key for Knab to be the digital but human bank that makes our entrepreneurs feel at ease with their finances, every day.

  • Photo of Sharon Klaver

    Sharon Klaver

    Founder & Managing Director @Builders

    Builders Studio’s Founder and Managing Director Sharon Klaver dishes out the trade secrets behind venture building efficiently. Speaking from experiences of over a decade of building software companies, she underscores the blend of adaptive engineering and strategic validation in startup creation, focusing on people over products.

  • Photo of Shruti Thukral
    ING Bank Logo

    Shruti Thukral

    DevOps Engineer @ING

  • Photo of Raluca Ionescu

    Raluca Ionescu

    Multi Solution Architect @adobe

    Over the past 10+ years, Raluca successfully delivered high quality digital solutions across diverse industry sectors such as Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking and Government just to name a few. Her level of technical knowledge and understanding of implementation challenges and how to proactively mitigate them has made her be known as “Swiss Army Knives” among her colleagues. Raluca is a self-starter and earned her MSc in Electronic Engineering and Intelligent Systems from University of Pitesti (Romania) where she graduated 1st in class. She and her husband share a passion for LEGO, while their son didn’t really have a choice.

  • Louëlla Creemers

    Louëlla Creemers

    .NET developer @4DotNet

    Web Developer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with a passion for .NET development. At the early stage of her career she’s already a Microsoft MVP, successful content creator, teacher, blogger, and public speaker. She has built a strong following of over 30,000 people on social media, thanks to her technical expertise and her commitment to helping others learn and grow in their careers. You can find her on Twitter and Linkedin, sharing different kinds of educational posts or dad jokes.

  • Photo of Iulia Feroli

    Iulia Feroli

    Senior Developer Advocate @Elastic

    After working on many sides of tech (as a cloud architect at MSFT, a sales engineer and PMM at Dataiku) Iulia finally found her perfect match as a developer advocate at Elastic - focusing on creating content for, and learning from the tech community. She specialises in data science & AI solutions and loves creating videos, blogs, demos and sessions to get people excited about the possibilities of tech. Iulia loves to talk about anything NLP, cloud, data science 101, MLOPs, generative AI, and more.

  • Photo of Lucy Mair

    Lucy Mair

    Senior Software Engineer @CodeSignal

    Lucy Mair is a senior front-end software developer at Codat, where they work primarily in TypeScript and React, with a bit of F# thrown in to keep things interesting. Their main passions on the programming front are functional programming and testing.

  • Photo of Iris de Haas
    ING Bank Logo

    Iris de Haas

    Engineering Manager @ING

  • Photo of Cornelia Schaurecker

    Cornelia Schaurecker

    Visionary AI and Data Leader, Global Advisor, former AI+Data global Leader Vodafone Group

    With Cornelia‘s 10 years background of building Applied AI in large corporations in the Automotive and Telecommunications Industries, she will describe typical AI and data use cases they build and scale fast for products, services and entire value chains.

  • Photo of Kaya Weers

    Kaya Weers

    Software Engineer @Ordina

    Kaya is a software developer at the Ordina who loves innovation and asking ‘why?’. She likes to combine creativity and technology to come up with the best solutions.

  • Photo of Alina Dima
    AWS logo

    Alina Dima

    Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS IoT

    Alina Dima is a Senior Developer Advocate in the IoT Ecosystem Services team at Amazon Web Services. She is passionate about helping developers accelerate their journeys in the IoT ecosystem, and working with IoT communities to build better and move faster, from prototype to scale. Alina has worked in various industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, retail, and photovoltaic. With nearly 20 years of experience as a software engineer, technical delivery manager and architect, she has designed and built multiple highly scalable, operationally ready IoT solutions, with millions of devices running in production today. Alina has shared her knowledge at various events, such as Embeded World, DevCon, Highload, re:Invent, AWS Summits and online Webinars.

  • Photo of Sanne Kalkman
    CodeSandbox Full Logo

    Sanne Kalkman

    Senior Software Engineer @CodeSandbox

    Sanne is a Senior Software Engineer at CodeSandbox, where she is one of two engineers responsible for the application backend. At work, she is happily specialised in Elixir, but outside of tech she has way too many hobbies and a growing collection of art supplies.

  • Photo of Dana Mikhailova

    Dana Mikhailova

    Creative Tech Strategist specializing in Generative AI.

    GEN AI UNBOUND: Creative tech strategist specializing in Generative AI. With a passion for human-centric and eco-conscious solutions, she helps global brands establish and run innovation labs, craft unique value propositions, and shape meaningful customer experiences.

  • Photo of Angie Jones

    Angie Jones

    Vice President of Global Developer Relations

    International keynote speaker who teaches workshops and gives conference talks on software development and decentralized technologies. Certified Java programmer and Java Champion with a knack for innovation. Creator of 27 patented inventions in the areas of metaverse, collaboration software, social networking, smarter planet, and software development processes. Featured in Business Insider, Ebony magazine as one of the country's 30 young leaders under the age of 30; Women of Color magazine as a "Technology Rising Star"; Triangle Times as a "mover and shaker in the IBM corporation", and Spectacular magazine as the "Future of Tech in the Triangle". Committed to mentoring young women and exposing them to technology. In spare time, runs an online community, Diva Chix, where teenage girls and women learn to excel in technological areas as well as learn other key life lessons such as running a business and working as a team...all within the realm of a game.

  • Photo of Sneha Divakar

    Sneha Divakar

    Head of UX @Comviva

    Sneha Divakar is a seasoned Product Leader with 17 years of experience in design and product management. She is also a speaker and a passionate advocate for women's representation in product management careers. She has evolved from a UX engineer background to more technical roles in product management and spent significant time shaping both B2B and digital consumer products within mid-to-large scale enterprises. Sneha has a track record in building compelling business cases leading to successful products shipped to millions of users. Sneha is the founder of Women in Product NL community with a vision for women’s representation. Since 2020, she and her team head events bringing expert speakers to inspire women pursuing product related career streams and contribute to the product community.

  • Photo of Esther Kuijpers-Bastein

    Esther Kuijpers-Bastein

    Head of Product @JEX

    Started my career in the finance department at TUI Nederland touroperator in the Netherlands. After 9 year in finance I started out in product/IT as a analyst/expert on the finance/management information team in an international project. The project was to build an new cloud and event based touroperators systeem for 3 countries. Within a couple of months I transitioned to product owner Finance and after a while I also became value stream lead finance a.i. The next project was an even bigger program on which all 14 countries of the TUI group where to participate, on which we wanted to do the same as what we did in the project with 3 countries. Beside being a product owner for the payment team, I was delivery lead for 3 teams.

  • Photo of Nicole van Alphen

    Nicole van Alphen

    Director of Product @Vinted

    Nicole is a product management expert with 9 years of experience, 5.5 of which have been dedicated to building products in the logistics industry. Having started as a product manager, she now leads product teams, showcasing her leadership for almost 3 years. By building a team of like-minded product people, listening to users and diving deep into challenges, Nicole is on a mission to build software that is making a difference. By making sustainable consumption the first choice worldwide at Vinted.

  • Photo of Claudia Baijens

    Claudia Baijens

    VP of Product @TestGorilla

    Claudia Baijens, as the VP of Product at TestGorilla, a fast-growing HR tech startup, blends her professional expertise with a commitment to promoting women in tech and fostering diverse teams. She brings a wealth of experience from her nearly seven-year tenure at Bain & Company, where she gained extensive insights into various aspects of strategy. Claudia's academic credentials include an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Cum Laude Master's Degree in Finance and Investments from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

  • Photo of Wendy Broersen

    Wendy Broersen

    CEO/founder @Superpeople

    Wendy Broersen is the CEO/founder of the Superpeople Company, which helps companies to attract, retain and develop a diverse workforce, worldwide. She likes to do things differently if she sees that conventional ways do not work or go fast enough. She developed a revolutionary model to get to an inclusive organization faster and easier, called AIM, and published her book “NOT for HR’ on it.

  • Photo of Georgeana Trofim

    Georgeana Trofim

    VP of Engineering @Booking.com

    Technology leader experienced in building and scaling high performing organizations, in fast paced innovative environments. As Booking.com’s Senior Director of Software Development, she is responsible for key elements of Booking.com's platform and one of the drivers of the technology strategy in the Accommodations business. She oversees software development and reliability teams, as well as leading the software architecture function in Accommodations.

  • Photo of Katja Schuitemaker
    ING Bank Logo

    Katja Schuitemaker

    IT Chapter Lead @ING

    After earning my PhD in modelling complex flows in risk assessment, I decided to transition to IT to explore the software side of systems. Joining ING in 2020 as a software developer in Transaction Services, I have been actively involved in both the front end and back end of applications that serve Wholesale clients’ payment initiation needs, and am currently an IT Chapter Lead.

  • Photo of Deniz Yalcin
    ING Bank Logo

    Deniz Yalcin

    Manager IT Service Management Processes @ING

  • Photo of Mrina Sugosh

    Mrina Sugosh

    Developer Relations Manager @CKEditor

    Mrina is a Developer Relations Manager with 4+ years' experience with Full Stack Development, Cloud, and AI products. She has been "hacking" away at tech projects since the age of 14! Her first project was programming her TI-84 calculator to be able quickly find the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Since then she has been in constant pursuit of employing CS to enable her curiosity.

  • Photo of Emma Bostian

    Emma Bostian

    Engineering Manager @Spotify

    Emma is a US-American who moved to Stockholm, Sweden 3.5 years ago. She's an Engineer turned Manager at Spotify. She's a LinkedIn Learning and Frontend Masters instructor and in her free time enjoys reading books and playing with her daughter, Freja.

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