Call for papers - DEVWorld 2025


  • 27-28 February 2025
  • RAI Amsterdam

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Highlighted Speakers

  • Photo of Lee Boonstra
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    Lee Boonstra

    Software Engineer & Advocate for the Office of the CTO @Google

    Conversational AI Expert at Google: The Office of the CTO (OCTO) is a diverse team of highly experienced engineers and technologists, working on behalf of the Cloud CEO, whose mission is to foster market-disrupting collaborative innovation between Google and the world’s most ambitious organizations. The customers we engage have hard technical problems and strong brand identities. In 2022, the OCTO team is starting an incubation/acceleration program (called the “Applied Innovation Factory”) to test the boundaries on ideas that could cause strategic shifts in industry and GCP’s business. We seek impact in everything from futuristic computing issues to AI and Voice technology.

  • Photo of Scott Chacon

    Scott Chacon

    Co-Founder at Github

    Scott Chacon is the co-founder of GitHub; now co-founder of GitButler, a next generation version control client, based in Berlin. Scott helped grow GitHub from 4 cofounders to 450 employees over 8 years, eventually being acquired by Microsoft for $7.5 billion. Scott is also the author of Pro Git, published by Apress and found online at In unrelated news, he holds a WSET Level 3 certification in Wines and Spirits and owns a dog rescue outside of Berlin.

  • Photo of Evan You

    Evan You

    Creator of Vue & Vite

    STATE OF VUE & VITE | Evan is an independent software developer currently based in Singapore. He is the creator of the JavaScript framework Vite & Vue.js and the frontend build tool Vite. Most of his work is open source and publicly available on GitHub. If you happen to benefit from his OSS work, you can support him financially via GitHub Sponsors.

  • Photo of Emma Bostian

    Emma Bostian

    Engineering Manager @Spotify

    Emma is a US-American who moved to Stockholm, Sweden 3.5 years ago. She's an Engineer turned Manager at Spotify. She's a LinkedIn Learning and Frontend Masters instructor and in her free time enjoys reading books and playing with her daughter, Freja.

  • Photo of Minko Gechev
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    • Angular logo

    Minko Gechev

    Angular Core Team @ Google

    Awarded by Google and the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for impactful and influential open source projects and publications. The first laureate awarded in two categories in the contest "John Atanasoff" of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

  • Photo of Ryan Dahl

    Ryan Dahl

    Creator of Node.js

    Creator of the Node.js JavaScript runtime as well as the Deno JavaScript/TypeScript runtime.

  • Photo of Emma Twersky
    Google logo

    Emma Twersky

    Angular v15

  • Photo of Ryan Carniato
    • Solid JS logo

    Ryan Carniato

    Creator of SolidJS

    SOLIDSTART | CEO of Signals, JavaScript performance enthusiast and fine-grained reactivity superfan. He is the creator of the JavaScript framework SolidJS, and Principal Engineer on Netlify's OSS team, where he works with multiple open source projects to develop a better web.

  • Photo of Sebastien Chopin

    Sebastien Chopin

    Creator of Nuxt.js

    STATE OF NUXT 2024 | Build your next Vue.js application with confidence using NuxtJS. An open source framework making web development simple and powerful.

  • Photo of Linus Ekenstam

    Linus Ekenstam

    AI gardener and Entrepreneur

    AI gardener, building BedtimestoryAI and WeAreKonch

  • Photo of Julia Flament-Wallin

    Julia Flament-Wallin

    Engineering Manager @TomTom

    Julia Flament - Wallin is a Value driven Engineering leader with a strong technical background working at TomTom. She gravitates towards AI, Data Engineering, cloud, NLP and graph stuff.

  • Photo of Daniel Thompson-Yvetot

    Daniel Thompson-Yvetot

    Cofounder @Tauri Apps

    Open Source Advocate and the co-founder of Tauri Apps. He currently occupies the seat of Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Tauri programme, which is the commons-focussed governance body for the greater Tauri community. His work over the past decades has been at the intersections of technology and culture, with a dash of philosophy and heaping portions of compassion. He is the CEO of CrabNebula, a company partnered with Tauri and offers tools to make devs' lives better and their apps more robust. He lives and works in Malta.

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