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  • 29 Feb & 1 March 2024
  • RAI Amsterdam
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  • Photo of Denny Biasiolli

    Denny Biasiolli

    Full Stack Developer @Fingerprint

    Developer for (too) many years, I currently work using Python / Django in the backend and JavaScript / Vue.js in the frontend.

  • Photo of David Vlijmincx

    David Vlijmincx

    Senior Software Developer @Team Rockstars IT

    David is a senior software developer at Team Rockstars IT, Public speaker, Java blogger, and Author who loves to use and find new techniques and pragmatically apply them.

  • Photo of Sanne Kalkman
    CodeSandbox Full Logo

    Sanne Kalkman

    Senior Software Engineer @CodeSandbox

    Sanne is a Senior Software Engineer at CodeSandbox, where she is one of two engineers responsible for the application backend. At work, she is happily specialised in Elixir, but outside of tech she has way too many hobbies and a growing collection of art supplies.

  • Photo of Alexey Soshin
    AWS logo

    Alexey Soshin

    Senior Solutions Architect @AWS

    Solutions Architect with 17 years of experience in the industry. Author of "Pragmatic System Design" video course and "Kotlin Design Patterns and Best Practices" book.

  • Photo of Harish Kandala
    Meta logo

    Harish Kandala

    Enterprise Engineer @ Meta

    I am a full-stack developer with over 6 years of industry experience in technologies such as Java, Spring Boot, Play, Python, Node.js, JavaScript, Angular, and React. I currently work at Meta in Amsterdam, where I contribute to the Helpdesk, an in-house CRM platform for all employees at Meta.

  • Photo of Scott Stroz

    Scott Stroz

    MySQL Developer Advocate @ Oracle

    Scott is a developer with over 20 years of experience in several languages. In those years, MySQL was the only constant in his development stack. He is passionate about sharing what he has learned on his coding journey so others may learn from his mistakes.

  • Louëlla Creemers

    Louëlla Creemers

    .NET developer @4DotNet

    Web Developer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with a passion for .NET development. At the early stage of her career she’s already a Microsoft MVP, successful content creator, teacher, blogger, and public speaker. She has built a strong following of over 30,000 people on social media, thanks to her technical expertise and her commitment to helping others learn and grow in their careers. You can find her on Twitter and Linkedin, sharing different kinds of educational posts or dad jokes.

  • Photo of Albert-Jan Schot

    Albert-Jan Schot

    Chief Technology Officer @Blis Digital

    As a senior cloud architect Albert-Jan Schot enjoys stepping up to the challenge of designing, developing and building innovative cloud solutions. He is a valuable source of knowledge for his colleagues, customers and the worldwide Microsoft-community. With his no-nonsense and can-do mentality he brings a unique combination of in-depth hands-on experience and consultancy skills on all levels to any team. As a CTO within Blis Digital Albert-Jan is responsible for the technical vision and strategy within the low-code practice.

  • Photo of Quazi Nafiul Islam

    Quazi Nafiul Islam

    Developer Advocate @SonarSource

    Software Developer, Author and Speaker. Nafiul has written and spoken on a wide variety of developer topics around the world. He loves Python and developer tooling.

  • Photo of Jonathan Vila

    Jonathan Vila

    Developer Advocate @sonarsource

    Java Champion, Organiser at BarcelonaJUG and cofounder of JBCNConf and DevBcn conferences in Barcelona. Currently working as Developer Advocate in Java for Sonarsource (SonarLint,SonarQube), focused on Clean Code & Security. Former SE at Tetrate, SSE at Red Hat in Keycloak team, SSE at Ocado Technology, SSE at Netcentric. I have worked as a (paid) developer since the first release of The Secret of Monkey Island, about 30 years ago using Go on Kubernetes for a Service Mesh layer on top of Istio | Java on Kubernetes for K8s Operator, Rest API, using Quarkus, GraalVM, Apache Camel | PHP | VB | Python | Delphi | JavaScript | Pascal | C Very interested in simulated reality, psychology and Java.

  • Photo of Katja Schuitemaker
    ING Bank Logo

    Katja Schuitemaker

    IT Chapter Lead @ING

    After earning my PhD in modelling complex flows in risk assessment, I decided to transition to IT to explore the software side of systems. Joining ING in 2020 as a software developer in Transaction Services, I have been actively involved in both the front end and back end of applications that serve Wholesale clients’ payment initiation needs, and am currently an IT Chapter Lead.

  • Photo of Kaya Weers

    Kaya Weers

    Software Engineer @Ordina

    Kaya is a software developer at the Ordina who loves innovation and asking ‘why?’. She likes to combine creativity and technology to come up with the best solutions.

  • Photo of Grigory Petrov

    Grigory Petrov

    DevRel @Singula.Team

    Full-time software developer since the late nineties. Was involved in such software projects as Radmin, Advanced IP Scanner, NPTV, Voximplant. A frequent conference and meetup speaker with main areas of interest in software development management and cross-platform development. A full-time DevRel at Singula.Team, a custom software development and digital artworks company.

  • Photo of Andreas Kollegger

    Andreas Kollegger

    Senior Developer Advocate @Neo4j

    Andreas is a technological humanist. Starting at NASA, Andreas designed systems from scratch to support science missions. Then in Zambia, he built medical informatics systems to apply technology for social good. Now with Neo4j, he is democratizing graph databases to validate and extend our intuitions about how the world works. Everything is connected.

  • Photo of Johan Janssen
    ASML logo

    Johan Janssen


    Architect at ASML. Conference speaker, JavaOne Rock Star. Chocolateynuget Java packages maintainer. InfoQ Java news author.

  • Photo of Iulia Feroli

    Iulia Feroli

    Senior Developer Advocate @Elastic

    After working on many sides of tech (as a cloud architect at MSFT, a sales engineer and PMM at Dataiku) Iulia finally found her perfect match as a developer advocate at Elastic - focusing on creating content for, and learning from the tech community. She specialises in data science & AI solutions and loves creating videos, blogs, demos and sessions to get people excited about the possibilities of tech. Iulia loves to talk about anything NLP, cloud, data science 101, MLOPs, generative AI, and more.

  • Photo of Peter Streef

    Peter Streef

    Software Engineer @ Moderne

    Peter Streef is a staff software engineer at Moderne, which automates software refactoring at scale. With a passion for helping developers perform better by doing less he now works on the SaaS platform at Moderne. After studying physics he worked on computer vision before transitioning into software product development in fintech, logistics and automation.

  • Photo of Deepu K Sasidharan

    Deepu K Sasidharan

    Java Champion, JHipster co-lead and Developer Advocate @ Okta

    Polyglot developer mainly working with Java, Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, and Kotlin. Dabbling with few other languages occasionally.

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    Included in your ticket is 2-hour Masterclasses dedicated to backend development topics such as reverse engineering, runtime manipulation of iOS applications from a backend perspective, blockchain integration for backend systems, and more!

  • Gaming Arena

    Team Bonding & Networking

    Make Professional Connections for Life whilst bonding with your whole engineering Team at our Daily Networking Areas, Mixers and Meetups throughout Amsterdam.

  • Picture of Best Tech Expo in the World

    Best Tech Expo in the World

    23,000 sqm of Exhibition with the Latest Gadgets in Tech. A disneyland for Developers with Dota & CS Tournaments, Coding Challenges, 3D Printing, Arcade, iOT, Formule 1 Racing and more!

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