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DevOps & Cloud

  • 7500 Attendees
  • Amsterdam
  • 29 Feb & 1 March

Cutting-edge DevOps practices, cloud innovations, and collaboration for tech transformation

  • Stacy Cashmore

    Azure Ascend: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft's Cloud Platform for Unprecedented Scalability and Innovation

    By Stacy Cashmore

  • Sven Peters

    Developer Joy – How great teams get s%*t done

    By Sven Peters

    "Software development has become more complex over the years: Building and running a distributed architecture in the cloud, ensuring observability, discussing user experience with design and product, and keeping a healthy balance between dev speed and code quality isn’t easy. Just be agile and practice DevOps, they say. Join Sven and learn how great software teams measure and improve their developer experience, coordinate work across teams, run autonomous but highly aligned teams, and create a healthy and joyful engineering culture. Always backed up by data (not driven) instead of opinions. The talk will demonstrate how great teams faced development challenges, reinvented themselves, and created new ways of working to get s%*t done. Without losing sight of what makes this craft fun for engineers."

  • Adrian Precub

    Lost in Cyberspace: Tracking Down the Missing TCP Packet

    By Adrian Precub

    This presentation is all about tracking a TCP packet, as the name suggests. We will start by examining the server setup and providing an overview of the Azure Kubernetes Cluster that we have implemented on the TomTom side. Next, we will briefly explain the client setup and how TomTom services are utilized. After that, we will delve into TCP packet captures, demonstrating how firewalls can affect the delivery of your initial HTTP request to its intended destination. Please note that this presentation will involve technical details, including scripts and screenshots of tcpdump.

  • Önder Ceylan

    Rethinking Browser Automation: Unleashing the Power of Puppeteer and Playwright

    By Önder Ceylan

    Join us as we dive into the powerful world of Puppeteer and Playwright to demonstrate how these tools can revolutionize your development and testing workflows. We'll scrutinize the traditional use cases of browser automation and venture beyond the usual scraping content or automated form submission. This fast-paced, highly interactive talk casts a critical eye on de-facto solutions while uncovering hidden treasures from classical practices. We'll showcase real-life examples demonstrating the power of applicable browser instrumentation and automation, putting the spotlight on out-of-the-box approaches and creative techniques. You'll get insights into harnessing the strengths of Chromium DevTools Protocol, Protocol Monitor, and cloud functions (FaaS) to reimagine the limits of what's possible with browser automation. Designed for software and QA engineers in search of novel ideas and fresh challenges, our talk will focus on JavaScript-based solutions. Expect to leave with valuable tips and tricks, a thorough understanding of developer tools such as Puppeteer and Playwright, and renewed inspiration for tackling the next big project.

  • Michiel Hamers

    Demystifying Azure app service's performance and scaling

    By Michiel Hamers

    Azure App Service has been available for some time, yet developers and cloud engineers often find themselves puzzled by its performance intricacies. Join us on an in-depth exploration of Azure App Service, where we'll delve into topics such as scaling, performance, and pricing. Through the lens of performance engineering, we'll demonstrate how to determine the ideal sizing and auto-scale settings to enhance your environment. Let's collaboratively uncover the boundaries within Azure App Service and share our best practices for maximizing its potential!

  • Daniel Laskewitz

    Put your APIs in the hands of millions of developers 🚀

    By Daniel Laskewitz

    Join me for a session on the Microsoft Power Platform, a dynamic low-code platform that provides an ideal space for developers like you. With the Power Platform, business users gain the ability to create their own apps, workflows, chatbots, and websites effortlessly by leveraging intuitive low-code editors. One vital component within this platform is the connector, acting as a convenient wrapper around APIs. Connectors empower business users to seamlessly communicate with APIs, eliminating the need to grapple with complex concepts such as HTTP requests and responses. During this session, we will dive into the world of custom connectors. Discover how you can develop and deploy your very own connector, enabling millions of business users to leverage your creation and build their unique solutions. Step beyond building for your individual use cases and become a catalyst for innovation across a vast network of empowered business users. Join me in this session as we explore the immense potential of custom connectors in the Microsoft Power Platform and embark on a journey to revolutionize the way businesses create applications, workflows, chatbots, and websites.

  • Albert Brand

    Doing the DDD dance with Google Cloud

    By Albert Brand

    Domain driven design is becoming the de facto choice for many developers on how to structure their applications. However, 20 years since the inception of DDD, the world has changed and cloud is everywhere. Does it still make sense to use DDD patterns in a cloud native world? In this talk I will go over all the building blocks of a DDD architecture and how they map on Google Cloud. You will get a pretty good idea on how to tackle complexity in a modern cloud environment.

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