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  • AI-Assisted Software Engineering with Generative AI

  • Michiel Hamers

    Demystifying Azure app service's performance and scaling

    By Michiel Hamers

    Azure App Service has been available for some time, yet developers and cloud engineers often find themselves puzzled by its performance intricacies. Join us on an in-depth exploration of Azure App Service, where we'll delve into topics such as scaling, performance, and pricing. Through the lens of performance engineering, we'll demonstrate how to determine the ideal sizing and auto-scale settings to enhance your environment. Let's collaboratively uncover the boundaries within Azure App Service and share our best practices for maximizing its potential!

  • Rodger Werkhoven

    Delve into Dall-e 2s origins and future of creative AI

    By Rodger Werkhoven

    DALL-E Experimental for OpenAI. Soon to become DALL-E 3 - Dive into the Future of AI

  • Bas Broek

    Paving the way to a More Accessible WeTransfer

    By Bas Broek

    Everything related to more accessible mobile development and app usage by WeTransfer engineer Bas Broek.

  • Sven Peters

    Developer Joy – How great teams get s%*t done

    By Sven Peters

    Building and running a distributed architecture in the cloud, ensuring observability, discussing user experience with design and product, and keeping a healthy balance between dev speed and code quality isn’t easy. Just be agile and practice DevOps, they say. But how and what are the challenges?

  • Will Scougal

    AR as the New Advertisement

    By Will Scougal

    Reality check' Augmented Reality is rapidly emerging as the bridge between traditional advertising and the new Web 3 world. This talk highlights the opportunity for brands to embrace Web 3 and drive results by building a robust AR strategy for the longterm.

  • Julia Flament-Wallin

    Leverage AI to build great maps at massive scale

    By Julia Flament-Wallin

    "Have you ever wondered how map features such as traffic signs get on the map? Or did you think they were manually put there? Surely, if that was the case, the map would've been outdated in a million places by the time it was finished. Let me take you through the journey of processing data, transforming observations to knowledge, map matching and publishing features to the map. At global scale. "

  • Increase Social Impact

    What can engineers and companies do to increase Social Impact? Listen to the CEO of CodeYourFuture; a non-profit organisation that helps refugees and those on low-income start great careers in tech.

  • Tamal Dutta

    To Catch A Fraudster: Building Products for the Dynamic World of Online Fraud

    By Tamal Dutta

    Online fraud is growing at a rate that is faster than most online businesses. The modes of fraud keep evolving faster than companies can catch and this makes building solutions extremely difficult but even more interesting. In the session, we try to understand the growth of online fraud, why companies think this is the next big business problem to solve, and why behind all the analytical focus to predict fraud, this actually remains primarily a Product & Engineering problem

  • Shivany Powani

    Influence without Authority

    By Shivany Powani

    As a program manager, much of your job consists of supporting and guiding teams to make better decisions. We are not decision makers, we are facilitators to good decision making. Influencing without authority is a key responsibility and it's a demanding one. Here, you will get tips and tricks from my book to be an empathetic and charismatic leader.

  • Emanuele Mercanti

    Machine Learning for Privacy-Preserving Ads

    By Emanuele Mercanti

    "In an era where privacy is increasingly paramount, it is crucial that the advertising industry adapt to the evolving needs and expectations of users. This talk explores how Reddit is leveraging Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to create user-centric and privacy-conscious advertising models. We will delve into how different techniques are employed to generate robust and meaningful signals for ad targeting. With these signals, drawn from the vast ocean of user-generated content on Reddit, we are able to interpret and understand the nuances of user interactions and discussions. Yet, unlike conventional methods, our approach does not involve explicit personal data collection, thus ensuring respect for user privacy."

  • Adrian Precub

    Lost in Cyberspace: Tracking Down the Missing TCP Packet

    By Adrian Precub

    This presentation is all about tracking a TCP packet, as the name suggests. We will start by examining the server setup and providing an overview of the Azure Kubernetes Cluster that we have implemented on the TomTom side. Next, we will briefly explain the client setup and how TomTom services are utilized. After that, we will delve into TCP packet captures, demonstrating how firewalls can affect the delivery of your initial HTTP request to its intended destination. Please note that this presentation will involve technical details, including scripts and screenshots of tcpdump.

  • Henk Boelman

    Unlocking the Potential of AI

    By Henk Boelman

    Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world we live in, and Microsoft is at the forefront of this exciting revolution. Join us for a session where we'll explore the latest innovation from Microsoft and GitHub on AI. Let's explore the latest technologies, including Azure OpenAI, Neural voice, and GitHub Co-pilot. With Co-pilot, an AI-powered coding assistant that suggests code snippets based on project context, developers can boost productivity. We'll also discuss the importance of developing AI in a way that benefits society as a whole. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and discover how you can leverage AI to drive innovation in your own organization.

  • Daniel Laskewitz

    Put your APIs in the hands of millions of developers 🚀

    By Daniel Laskewitz

    Join me for a session on the Microsoft Power Platform, a dynamic low-code platform that provides an ideal space for developers like you. With the Power Platform, business users gain the ability to create their own apps, workflows, chatbots, and websites effortlessly by leveraging intuitive low-code editors. One vital component within this platform is the connector, acting as a convenient wrapper around APIs. Connectors empower business users to seamlessly communicate with APIs, eliminating the need to grapple with complex concepts such as HTTP requests and responses. During this session, we will dive into the world of custom connectors. Discover how you can develop and deploy your very own connector, enabling millions of business users to leverage your creation and build their unique solutions. Step beyond building for your individual use cases and become a catalyst for innovation across a vast network of empowered business users. Join me in this session as we explore the immense potential of custom connectors in the Microsoft Power Platform and embark on a journey to revolutionize the way businesses create applications, workflows, chatbots, and websites.

  • Ian Sleebe

    Zoom: How it works

    By Ian Sleebe

    how Zoom works from the inside out. From GDPR or other privacy-related questions to encryption architecture and IT governance, but also how you could embed Zoom into your application or platform.

  • Cyril Cermak

    iOS Runtime Manipulation (PWND)

    By Cyril Cermak

    This talk is a practical demonstration of how a malicious attacker can extract sensitive information from an iOS application which runs on a jailbroken phone. The demonstration showcases some security fundamentals of what developers should look after when developing an iOS application. The goal of the demonstration is to prove that nothing on the client side can be treated as secure.

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