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Hackathon - DEVWorld 2023

DevWorld Proudly Presents

The Biggest Hackathon in the World

With a growing audience of DevWorld, we recognise the significance of providing the opportunity for learning and practicing. Hence, competition is an essential part of development, as it fosters creativity and innovation. Our conference will feature an intense hackathon that encompasses the essence of our trakcs, from website to software and most recently, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Stay tuned for the topics. In the meantime, learn the story behind our hackathon

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Discover what our hackathon will cover

  • Picture of Frontend


    Features: React, Angular, Design Systems, Migrations, NPM Package setup, Micro Frontends, NodeJS, State management, GraphQL, TRPC, Vue, Solid, Astro and much more.

  • Picture of Backend


    Features: Microservices, Java/Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Scalability, Refactoring, APIs, DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Relational, NoSQL, Graph and New age databases.

  • Picture of Mobile


    Features: Cross Platform Development, Native API's, IoT integrations, AR & VR, AI, Kotlin, Swift, Mobile Analytics and API integrations and SQLite.

  • Picture of AI & ML

    AI & ML

    The one thing everybody has been talking about. Join us to see how AI has dramatically taken an upturn in 2023 with ChatGPT, MidJounreys, Dall E, etc

  • Picture of DevOps & Cloud

    DevOps & Cloud

    Features: Containers, K8s orchestration, Serverless, Microservices, Monitoring, Security Practices, CI/CD, Multi-Cloud & Hybrid, SRE and Infrastructure as Code.

  • Picture of Web 3 Development

    Web 3 Development

    Features: DeFi, NFTs, supply chain management, gaming, and identity verification systems.

  • Picture of Leaders in Tech

    Leaders in Tech

    The gathering of CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, and other influential figures in the industry